Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several frequently asked questions regarding topics ranging from tournament registration to what to expect at the tournament. Scroll through the entire list or use the links of the Main Topics to jump to that section. If you have additional questions please contact us at 910.673.1000.

Main Topics

Tournament Eligibility

The Carolinas Golf Association is an association of member clubs. Individual membership to the CGA can be obtained only through participation in the handicap system at a CGA member club. CGA member clubs include clubs at green grass golf courses, non-green grass clubs, and virtual clubs. If you are already a member of a CGA member club with an active Handicap Index® then you are a member of the CGA. If you need to establish membership at a CGA member club, click here to view your options.

CGA tournaments are conducted as a benefit to CGA members. A CGA member is a member at a CGA Member Club with an active Handicap Index®. The CGA conducts a vast range of tournament types. Tournament eligibility can be based on Handicap Index®, residency location, age, and/or gender. Most CGA tournaments are open to only amateur golfers. Visit the tournament registration hub to view the main tournament types.


The CGA utilizes Golf Genius Software to manage our tournaments. Each player, including partner(s) in a team event, need a profile in the Tournament System. This system is not a part of the GHIN® system. Your GHIN profile is not the same as your tournament profile.

You can create a Tournament Profile here. You will need your GHIN® number to create a profile that will enable registration for CGA tournaments.

Tournament registration open dates are listed on the directory of tournaments and each tournament’s website. (You can get to all directories here) Registration for all CGA tournaments begins at 8 pm on the posted date.

High-demand tournaments can fill the tournament field in a matter of a minute. Please plan accordingly. Your web browser may be able to expedite the registration process by auto-filling some required fields. For team tournaments, make sure your partner(s) have a profile in the tournament system prior to registration opening.

The tournament system does not currently have the ability to save payment details in your tournament profile. Your web browser may be able to perform this service.

At the end of the tournament registration process, the system will display a registration status of Confirmed or Waitlist. Confirmed players are in the tournament field. Waitlist players are not in the tournament field. Waitlisted players are not charged the tournament entry fee at the time of registration. The entry may be added to the field later if an entry in the field withdraws.

“Pending” registration status, indicates the entry has been received and recorded in the system but requires additional to be taken by CGA staff in order to become Confirmed or Waitlisted. This status is most commonly used for lottery registration.

Change of Plans

While tournament registration is still open, you can use the “Edit Registration” link from your confirmation email, or sign in to your Tournament Profile on the tournament website, to make a partner change for a team event. If registration is closed, please contact the tournament administrator via the orange help button or contact the CGA directly to make changes to your entry.

If you need to cancel, you can use the “Edit Registration” link from your confirmation email, or sign in to your Tournament Profile on the tournament homepage, to withdraw your entry.

Any withdrawal the day prior to or the day of the tournament will not receive a refund. All other withdrawals are subject to a $30 admin fee.