CGA Four-Ball Handicap Reduction Policy

Individuals or teams who record a Lowest Net Scores (LNS) in two or more tournaments within the 12 months before the tournament will be subject to reduced playing handicaps. The reduction may be reduced for an individual if that player’s ratio of LNS to the number of Four-Ball competitions is less than 1 in 5. The Lowest Net Score (LNS) is defined as being a member of a team with the lowest net team score (includes ties) in a division in a CGA four-ball tournament with net scoring. This rule is in effect for CGA One-Day Four-Ball tournaments, CGA One-Day Senior Four-Ball tournaments, and Ladies Four-Ball Play Days or in a combination of these programs. Competitors who qualify for this reduction will be subject to the following playing handicap reduction for any CGA FourBall tournament using net scoring: 2 LNS = 10% reduction of Playing Handicap; 3 LNS = 20% reduction of Playing Handicap; 4 LNS = 30% reduction of Playing Handicap; 5 LNS = 40% reduction of Playing Handicap, and so forth.

The table below shows the current number of LNS in the "Total Points" column for each player.


  • Reductions will be applied to the non-rounded value of the Playing Handicap.
  • The "Number of Wins" is irrelevant, used for statistical purposes only, and does not equal the number of times a player has won a flight or division.